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January 19, 2023

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In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to have a web design that reflects your brand and sets you apart from the competition. But while the internet is full of online marketers, web designers and graphic designers who create great websites, it’s hard to find an affordable web design that doesn’t break your budget.

Benefits and Values of a Good Web Design:

Why would you need a good web design?

Lead attention span is short.  Customers have short attention span.  If you don’t capture them within the first few seconds, you’ve already lost them.  Good web design will allow you to grab their attention and keep it.
Consider that 80% of readers judge a book by its cover.  Are you making a physical presence in the online world?  Good web design will give you that edge.  It’s a great first impression for your clients and is a powerful tool for conversion.

Search engine optimization.  Internet users will search for what they need.  A good web design allows you to take advantage of search engines.  It’s easier to be found when you have a website that is visually appealing and functional.

Ease of use for customers.  User Experience (UX) is an important key to conversion.  If people can’t navigate your website quickly and easily, they will leave.  This is especially true on a mobile device.  A poorly designed site can actually hurt your business in the long run by losing potential customers who don’t want to browse an overly-complicated site.

The power of the written word.  Web design is a visual language and people connect with it by reading.  A website that looks garish or cheap makes customers click the back button on their browser.  Poor design is a huge turn-off for anyone who visits your site, especially if it’s an industry that is typically higher-end such as insurance or banking.  Google and other search engines want sites to look intuitive.  If a site looks like it was built by a child in 5 minutes, people are less likely to trust the site.

Brand image.  For every business owner, it’s all about your brand image.  An excellent web design reflects well on a brand.  A solid, well-designed website is a great way to express your company vision and message.  It draws in customers and lets them know what you’re all about.

Why choose Arctic Fox Studio?

The key thing we do is understand that every business has different needs which is why we will customize every website to be tailored specifically for your company. You will get a professional looking design and one of the best customer service in the industry because we love what we do.  Our design team specializes in creating websites for small-to-medium size businesses who are looking to create a dynamic and professional appearance online. Our design services are affordable and all tailored to meet your needs.

Our Products and Services

All-Around Packages

We do not only design your website, but also integrate add-on services that help you maximize results.  We offer the all-around packages based on our experience working with clients of different industries.  Most importantly, we will support you for as long as possible, making sure you are getting the most out of your website.

Maximum Conversion Rate

We design your website not only with good web design but also with SEO.  Every page on your website is optimized for search engines to increase your chances of getting the top search engine ranking and more customers.

Responsive Web Design

All of our websites are built with responsive web design which means you website will be displayed correctly in any device.

Services for Website Design and Development

We are experts in website design and development.  We always welcome challenges and we are consistently determined to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our services include custom web design packages, web application development, white label solutions and mobile applications such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones or tablets.

Our Affordable Web Design Packages

Brochure Package: This package provides one (1) page of custom content page layout and basic hosting.  For $999, this package is ideal for a startup or small business looking to get their product and service information online fast.
Engage Package: In this package you will receive a single (1) custom content page layout, Google Adwords, and social media management. For $1,499, you can take advantage of the perfect package to utilize social media to promote your brand.

All of our packages include a 30 mins tutorial at launch, unlimited technical support via chat, and unlimited upgrades to our platform.

In addition to our two most popular, affordable packages listed above, we also have customizable packages where you decide what products and/or services you need to grow your business.  If you’re not sure where to begin, simply contact us and we will be happy to discuss the different options that work best for you.


If you’re looking for a web design company that offers an affordable price to revamp your brand image in a competitive world, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to learn about our solution.  Our team of web design experts can help you redesign or revamp your website to get you a competitive advantage and boost your online visibility. We’ve helped many clients overcome the obstacles of a lack of time, budget and resources to bring their website designs to the next level.

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